Policy Positions


I oppose Tolls.

Connecticut is taxed enough already. As one of only a handful of states with both a State Income Tax and a State Sales Tax, adding another tax in the form of tolling is outrageous. The current majority in the State Legislature has attempted to sell the idea of tolls as “for trucks only,” but it is only a step toward imposing tolls on every vehicle traveling over Connecticut’s highway system.


I support the legalization of Marijuana.

The criminalization of the use of marijuana was a political decision. The effort to repeal this must be political as well. The costs associated with incarcerating those who violate marijuana laws is steep, and the revenues associated with the legalization and taxing of marijuana are an added benefit to repealing current laws. As with any other freedom, the right to grow marijuana for personal use should not be infringed upon either.


I support our police. I support our communities.

We need to support our police. But Police Departments need to be seen as supporting their communities as well. The relationship between a Police Department and its community is meant to be a symbiotic one, and to reinforce this I support community outreach programs and increased training. Children and Parents alike should feel safe around our Police officers, the vast majority of whom have chosen to serve in an honorable career.


I support vaccines. I support religious freedom.

I believe in the power of vaccines. I also believe in the freedom to exercise religious choice. If a local Board of Education mandates that certain vaccines are required for children to attend their schools, it is as much an individuals right to forego vaccines as it is for the community to set standards. The focus of this issue is on freedom to choose, and a willingness to live with the consequences of such choices.