This is Norwich!

This is Norwich!


On June 19, 2020, we commemorated Juneteenth at the Norwich City Hall. This celebration of freedom from slavery is as American as anything else. Whether our ancestors were looking for religious freedom, a chance to live without the threat of constant wars in Europe or were once slaves whose chains had been broken, we all […]

Memorial Day

Memorial Day in Norwich: This Memorial Day we honored our fallen heroes at Chelsea Parade in Norwich, Connecticut. Although attendance was sparse, our community remembered their sacrifices, lives given to defend the country they loved.

Leffingwell Museum

Leffingwell Museum The Leffingwell Museum, located on West Town Street in Norwichtown, is a rich repository of historical artifacts. Originally founded as the first Inn in Norwich by Thomas Leffingwell in the early 18th century, the museum hosts History Days focusing on Revolutionary War era crafts. Our rich history in Norwich is enviable and should […]